photogenic dinner

My mom and I whipped up this very colourful dinner last night.

From Left to Right: Simple green salad, soy vegetarian “chicken legs”, beet and apple quinoa salad.

These “chicken drumsticks” are my new obession. I tried them at Sadie’s Diner (an awesome veggie restaurant at Adelaide and Portland) the other day. You can buy them in the frozen section at King’s Cafe on Augusta in Kensington Market. At Sadie’s, they deep fry the drumsticks so they are really crispy on the outside. Since I do not have a deep fryer I was nervous that baking them would not result in the same crispy effect. I was wrong! If you add some olive oil and seasoning (Salt, pepper, lemon juice, bbq sauce) they will will become golden brown on the outside.

How stunning is this beet quinoa? Lately, we’ve been adding chopped green apples to our quinoa and we love it. It also goes great with sweet potatoes instead of beets and some parmesan. Now that I think about it, pine nuts would have been a great addition to this dish…


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  1. sisterofbreadandsisters

    this one makes me homesick
    so beautiful!

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