I was in L.A. this weekend for my cousin’s wedding. There was a lot of family time, which meant catered meals, so not too much room for trying out new restaurants. So sad I couldn’t go to Bottega Louie (literal heaven on earth) this trip.

I did get to steal away for an afternoon to Abbot Kinney (my favourite area in LA), which is a few streets north of Venice beach.

I was there last February and it is amazing how much has changed. The street is jam packed with great restaurants, (hello Gjelina (2 hour wait at 4 in the afternoon) food trucks, furniture shops, book stores, etc…

There is not a single establishment on the strip that isn’t a super trendy spot. A bit overwhelming, but I still enjoyed myself.

Here are some shots from Abbot Kinney.

Pretty cake stands.

I NEEEEED these lights. Urgently. NOW.


This hydro pump looked  like a sculpture to me. They are grey and boring in Toronto. LA is so cool.

Great weather, better food, and a truly gorgeous wedding. Such an amazing weekend.


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