Father’s day might be my new favourite holiday.

This year, we had a big family bbq and I decided to make veggie burgers. For the record, my father hates all things veg, and cannot understand for the life of him why I have chosen this lifestyle. So this was more of a gift for myself. There were also turkey burgers and hot dogs to accommodate the carnivores but they weren’t nearly pretty enough to photograph.

I found this recipe on the Brassica Diaries via food gawker.

The recipe calls for a cup of quinoa, which I omitted only because I was too lazy. They still turned out great! I also used walnuts instead of hazelnuts.

The veggie burgers were accompanied by roasted asparagus, fingerling and purple potatoes, as well as a caprese salad with burrata.

It was a pretty great barbeque! Even the die-hard meat eaters at the table liked the veggie option!


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