nicaraguan food

The other night I went to a Nicaraguan restaurant with some friends called La Bella Managua at Bloor and Ossington.

I really did not know what to expect since I had never tried Nicaraguan food before, but it was seriously delicious. It is very similar to Mexican food with tons of rice, beans, tortillas, and tamales. Pictured above is that Bandeja Tipica with Gallo pinto (rice and beans), sweeted plantain, avocado, tortilla, Spanish cheese and cabbage . I mixed it all together and made little burritos with my tortillas. I was very happy indeed. The only thing I felt that was missing was some sort of spicy, or creamy sauce to add to my concoction, but the waitress said they didn’t have anything like that. Maybe condiments just aren’t a big deal in Nicaragua. Maybe I will bring my own next time.

For apps we ordered THE BEST quesadillas I have ever had, as well as a delicious ceviche that was served with avocado and crispy plantains rather than corn chips that are found in most Mexican restaurants. My corn allergies were obviously very happy to be included in the entire ceviche experience this time. For dessert we ordered a phenomenal sticky toffee pudding. This place really is a must try!


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